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David Jemmett Discusses Ransomware That Hit Fresenius

David Jemmett, CEO of Cerberus Sentinel, shares his thoughts on the ransomware that hit healthcare provider Fresenius

No reprieve for health care orgs as ransomware hits hospital operator, plastic surgeons

By Bradley Barth

May 6, 2020

“As expected, the purported ceasefire on health care providers by ransomware operators has proven short-lived. Rather than being rooted in any sort of altruism, the attackers were simply waiting for the optimum time to strike: when Fresenius was under immense strain as it attempted to meet the demands onset by the COVID-19 pandemic. This should act as a lesson to other healthcare providers and industries,” said David Jemmett, CEO and founder at Cerberus Sentinel. “In this climate of increased threat volume, it’s imperative healthcare organizations have a cyber resiliency strategy in place, so they can continue to operate effectively and support and provide diagnoses for their patients.” – David Jemmett

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