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Lazarus Hackers exploiting Log4j Vulnerabilities to Target U.S. Energy Companies

September 9, 2022

Chris Clements, VP of Solutions Architecture at Cerberus Sentinel, comments on the Log4j vulnerabilities targeting U.S. energy companies at CPO Magazine and Spiceworks.

Log4j Vulnerabilities CPO Magazine featured image

“The good news, if there is any, is that it’s still possible to mitigate risk by investing in the fundamentals of cybersecurity, beginning with a strong cultural approach. The essential elements of protection through segmentation, attack surface reduction, and system hardening make it more difficult for threat actors to operate and spread if they get a foothold.  Careful monitoring controls that include threat hunting and rapid alerting of suspicious behavior to an experienced team can help quickly identify and neutralize attackers that manage to bypass prevention controls. Regular security validations such as penetration testing can help identify vulnerabilities from omissions or misconfigurations before attackers can exploit them in the first place.”

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Log4j Vulnerabilities - Talos Cyber Kill Chain image

“The problem is that it’s easy enough to say and understand the factors that contribute to cybersecurity resiliency, but implementation is challenging, especially in organizations with competing priorities and limited resources.  To be successful, leaders must own the reality of cybersecurity threats and dedicate both the human and monetary resources to protecting their organizations.”

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