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The Gately Report: Cerberus Sentinel Acquisition Spree Benefits MSPs, MSSPs

July 29, 2022

Jerald Dawkins, PHD, Chief Technology Officer of Cerberus Sentinel, comments on the strategy behind the company’s “acquisition spree” and how it benefits their cybersecurity work with MSPs and MSSPs at Channel Futures.

Jerald Dawkins discusses MSPs and MSSPs

“…If I’m working with an MSP, it’s about how we can offer services to support your end clients. So, we can fill certain gaps or provide services to our partners to enable their clients to meet that regulation and to get a job. Security is as much a sales tool as it is protecting the cyber resilience of the business. But it’s not just about throwing more and more tools. It’s not just about getting the tool. It’s about being effective with the tool. And sometimes I go into organizations, and they’ve got five tools that all do the same thing. It’s just that they’re not being managed well.”

“That’s where we want to provide support to our partners, both in terms of how they’re leveraging security tools, how they’re providing security to their entities and for their entity to ensure that we’re on the soccer field and we’re playing the game. I want to beat the other team and the only way to do that is security as a team sport working together.”

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