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CISO Global Differences Are Advantages In New Era Of Cyber Warfare ($CISO)

Published: June 27, 2023 at 6:06 a.m.

Cyber warfare isn’t just an issue reserved for government worry. It’s also a problem facing the billions of people worldwide that count on digital technology for everything from personal shopping, web surfing, military applications, business operations, and everything in between and after.

Citing just those targets minimizes the magnitude of how severe and consequential cyber-attacks can be and to whom. Noting it can wipe out billions of dollars of financial value in seconds and disrupt municipalities’ ability to serve its residents, the better way to describe cyber-crime is that its potential to wreak havoc on a local, state, and global scale is a significant and present danger.

Frankly, more than potential danger, it’s a real-time issue affecting millions of people per day in one form or another. The most prolific attack includes ransomware, and with the speed at which these ransomware attacks mutate to defeat patched-up security walls, those not taking the initiative to update their defenses may suffer significant and irrevocable damage.

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But while the headlines are alarming it’s not all doom and gloom; there are ways to set up a formidable defense. Publicly-traded CISO Global (NASDAQ: CISO) provides and educates its clients on defeating these attacks and providing the tools necessary to strengthen firewalls and keep intruders safe from their assets.

Creating a Culture Around Cybersecurity

By introducing cybersecurity as a culture, not a product, CISO Global has the right solutions at the right time to wage a formidable battle against these unrelenting attacks.

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