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[CISO Global] and Kivu Consulting Enter into a Partnership to Broaden Cybersecurity Offerings

February 1, 2023

Cerberus Sentinel and Kivu Consulting’s partnership will expand their services in incident response, digital forensics, and ransomware negotiation.

FREMONT, CA: “Cybersecurity is a team sport.  With the massive workforce and talent gaps continuing to grow worldwide, a collaborative and coordinated approach is key.  We are building a network of ‘force multipliers’ with the expertise, solutions, and services to combat today’s advanced cyber threat actors and the attacks they perpetrate,” said Ashley Devoto, President and CISO of Cerberus Sentinel.

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One of the global Cybersecurity and compliance solutions leaders, Cerberus Sentinel, revealed its partnership with Kivu Consulting to expand its services.  Cerberus Sentinel will also expand Kivu’s cyber advisory services in North and South America.

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