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The Current State of Consumers’ Cybersecurity Awareness

Chris Clements, VP of Solutions Architecture at Cerberus Sentinel (now CISO Global), discusses the need for cybersecurity awareness

The Current State of Consumers' Cybersecurity Awareness Image

By Chris Clements

With the second anniversary of GDPR on the horizon, the topic of data security is as pertinent as ever. Despite the proliferation of connected devices and the personal information and sensitive data they harbor, many consumers are unaware of just how susceptible their pocket-sized computers are to cyberattack. In fact, some of the most severe cybersecurity threats originate from a lack of consumer awareness, especially when it comes to securing personal data. With this in mind, here are some of the most common security misnomers facing the average consumer, and advice to help you stay on the right side of a data breach.    


If you were to ask the average consumer what account is the most important for them to keep safe and secure, you might expect them to say their bank account, PayPal, or perhaps a government portal login. However, while highly sensitive, these accounts don’t pose the greatest danger. In reality, it’s something far more ubiquitous and open to attack: your personal email account.

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