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Q&A: The lesser role VPNs now play for enterprises, SMBs — in a post-pandemic world

June 22, 2022

Chris Clements, VP of Solutions Architecture at Cerberus Sentinel, discusses VPNs and their role in a post-pandemic world with Byron V. Acohido at The Last Watchdog.

VPNs and their role in a post-pandemic world - Comments on The Last Watchdog

A decade ago having a remote access VPN was the assumed default. Most business applications, especially Microsoft Exchange were on-premise deployments that required a company either opening up access to the whole internet or requiring a VPN connection to the company’s perimeter firewall or dedicated VPN concentrator.

This process was rapidly changing to cloud-based pre-pandemic, but COVID-19 kicked this transition into hyper speed with most of the world moving to work-from-home remote setups.  Despite this, it doesn’t mean that traditional VPNs have no use for businesses.

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