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CISO Global Receives $49 Million Valuation for CISO Edge Cloud Security Platform

AI-Powered Security Solution Enhances Cybersecurity Effectiveness Through Coordination, Integration and Automation

Scottsdale, Ariz. August 8, 2023 – CISO Global, Inc., an industry leader as a managed cybersecurity and compliance provider, today unveiled CISO Edge, a powerful tool stack the company has been developing and testing for the past two years in enterprise environments, including both government and privately held entities. CISO Edge combines the most sought-after security technologies on the market with CISO’s proprietary IP and threat feeds for a pre-built and easy-to-implement combined solution. This new solution has been independently valued at $49 million. 

With its unique approach, CISO Edge layers together pre-configured, pre-integrated technologies that include cloud firewall as a service (FaaS), secure internet gateway, secure authentication, secure service edge (SSE), and containerized internet browser sessions for each user. Together, the stack provides Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) and Data Loss Protection (DLP) capabilities across an organization’s cloud applications and environment, and overall improved network performance. The AI component of CISO Edge further hardens networks by learning from each blocked attack and applying this new knowledge to unaffected environments as a forward-thinking, protective functionality. 

“This valuation solidifies CISO Global as a growing leader in the cybersecurity industry, and the solution’s capabilities validate the company’s ability to deliver on its mission to demystify and accelerate its clients’ journey to cyber resilience,” said David Jemmett, CEO of CISO Global. “Unlike most security platforms currently on the market that add complexity and increase the need for additional staff to manage them, CISO Edge leverages automation and preconfigures highly complex security processes.” 

CISO Edge is secure by design and default, out of the box. Its capabilities include secure user authentication, secure service edge, powerful web filtering, containerized sessions for all internal users to protect corporate assets from direct access, as well as any internet-facing activity. 

CISO Edge is designed to address widespread struggles of enterprises to achieve true resiliency across modern, distributed networks due to a combination of vendor sprawl, tool overload, remote and hybrid workforces, and cybersecurity expertise gaps. Together, these challenges have led to the common scenario of companies remaining highly vulnerable to attack, despite hefty investments in tools and teams. By aggregating and potentially replacing numerous tools, this solution empowers internal teams to manage technologies, while reducing the daily time and specialized skillsets required to do so. Security teams that may lack enough specialized cybersecurity workers can still manage extremely powerful technologies effectively.

“With an average of over 75 security tools to manage and an ongoing 3.4 million global cybersecurity practitioner shortfall, most enterprises struggle to achieve air-tight configuration, integration, and management of existing platforms,” commented CISO Global Chief Technology Officer Jerald Dawkins, Ph.D. “CISO Global sees this as a lack of foresight of security vendors who look to sell ‘silver bullets’, rather than address the daily struggles of managing existing technologies.” 

CISO Edge’s data visualizations will be delivered through Argo Security Management, an umbrella platform that aggregates and visualizes key security data across client environments.

About CISO Global

CISO Global (NASDAQ: CISO), based in Scottsdale, Arizona, is an industry leader as a managed cybersecurity and compliance provider. The company is rapidly expanding by acquiring world-class cybersecurity, secured managed services and compliance companies with top-tier talent that utilize the latest technology to create innovative solutions to protect the most demanding businesses and government organizations against continuing and emerging security threats and compliance obligations. For more information about the company, visit us on LinkedInTwitter or at

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