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Ransomware Prevention, Response, and Removal

A breach is no time to improvise.

The average ransomware payment cost has tripled. With longer running attacks designed to circumnavigate defenses, delete or encrypt your backups, and exfiltrate sensitive data for extortion, cyber cartels are going all in to make sure you have no choice but to pay them.

Our experts know how to fight back. Its what we do.

Remove, Respond, and Prevent Ransomware

When every second counts, make sure you have certified, comprehensive response and remediation experts who can effectively stop threat actors and bring your business and information security systems back into a steady state.

  • Incident Containment and Monitoring Services
  • Breach Forensics and Root Cause Analysis
  • Ransomware Negotiation and Cryptocurrency Payment Services
  • Business Email Compromise (BEC) Investigation
  • Social Engineering Fraud Investigation
  • eDiscovery Services
  • IT Restoration Services (on-site and remote)
  • Deep and Dark Web Monitoring
Ransomware Lifecycle

You can’t afford to work with non-experts when it comes to preventing, removing, or recovering from a ransomware attack.

CISO Global’s Ransomware Mitigation team can help you implement solutions to prevent attack, such as Extended Detection and Response, evaluate your Incident Response plan’s effectiveness during a simulated attack, or stop a live attack.

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Our experts maintain the most respected credentials in the industry across cybersecurity, risk and compliance, forensics, incident response, ethical hacking, security engineering, and more.