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Argo Edge Cloud Security Platform

Managed Secure Service Edge

Secure Your Most Valuable Cloud Assets

Many organizations today contend with a patchwork of security solutions designed to protect traditional on-premises networks. With the rising popularity of remote workforce, BYOD, and cloud first applications, organizations struggle to extend their security fabric to these emerging environments. As more business critical workloads migrate to the cloud, this mismatch of security solutions leave critical gaps in security visibility that are often targeted by today’s cyber criminals. 

Argo Edge is a cloud-first security solution designed from the ground up to protect your users no matter where they are. As a powerful cloud-based platform, Argo Edge:

Eliminates concerns from untrusted home or public network pathways

Centralizes the security stack for policy enforcement, threat blocking, and monitoring regardless of user location

Provides Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) capabilities to identify and control “shadow SaaS” cloud usage

Web browser isolation to thwart malicious websites from targeting your users

Argo Edge is powered by CISO Global’s Argo Security Platform providing advanced features including threat intelligence, attack surface monitoring, managed services, and direct access to leading security experts.

Secure Your Most Valuable Cloud Assets

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Improve your culture of cybersecurity…

Secure Service Edge: integrated security solution that connects users to cloud and web-based services and applications

Threat-informed Cloud Firewall as a Service (FaaS): similar to traditional firewall that filters out potentially malicious or harmful traffic, but is hosted in the cloud

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA): only allows users access to explicitly authorized applications and services

Remote Browser Isolation: secures web access by hosting sessions on a cloud-based server, rather than on an endpoint device

Threat Intelligence Services: data on cyber threat and context are gathered, analyzed, and used to help detect, respond, and prevent future attacks

Cloud Access Security Broker: security checkpoint that is situated between cloud providers and cloud network users

Use Case: Prevent Internet-Based Attacks

The most used software by users is their internet browser, however the browser is also the most targeted piece of software by attackers. While on the Internet, your users are constantly bombarded by privacy invading trackers, web-based malware, and drive by attacks. The same web browser they use to login to critical business applications may also have a tab open to a popular social media website or another untrusted Internet site.  Argo Edge provides a layer of security and control for your user’s Internet browsing by isolating the browser from their workstation and your critical business application ensuing browser-based attacks cannot be used to compromise your environment.

Advantages of Using Argo Edge

Argo Edge Service Overview image with curled edge

Argo Edge
Service Overview

Centralized security protection for your users at home, in the office, and on the move.

Built in threat-informed defenses powered by ML-enabled threat intelligence feeds, dark web monitoring, and CISO’s team of expert threat hunters.

Skip the pitfalls of managing multiple  cloud security toolsets. Our experts will configure, manage, and monitor your cloud environment.

Embrace the benefits of a secure cloud without the need for specialized expertise to deploy.

Easy access to CISO Global’s team of cybersecurity experts, compliance specialists, penetration testers, and threat hunters.

Protect compliant cloud workloads with a solution that is secure by design from day one.