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Physical Penetration Testing Service

Testing the Physical Security Controls of Your Digital Systems

While the transition to cloud-based environments and the emerging trend towards a flexible remote workforce have transformed the way organization’s approach and secure their environments, many organizations still have on-premises technologies that are frequent targets of attack. Whether you maintain a hybrid network, a server room full of equipment, enterprise wireless, or specialized on-premises devices like controls systems as part of a pipeline, those assets could be vulnerable to physical attacks. Spending your time and budget securing your cloud applications and Internet facing systems only to leave your leave the server room backdoor unlocked at HQ, is a security failure waiting to happen. Including physical-based penetration testing scenarios is essential to a wholistic security program that is still relevant in today’s increasingly remote world.

Testing the physical security controls of your digital systems upon entails a custom-tailored approach to your organization. Simulating how well your defenses detect and respond and to these attacks provide tangle verification that the controls are working. Physical security testing is varied but can include common attack vectors such as unauthorized device access or theft, security badge readers and access control system, wireless security controls, physical lock bypass, and social engineering through phishing and tailgating will enable you to:

Identify Weaknesses in Your Physical Security Strategy

CISO Global attack simulation will identify vulnerabilities in your physical security strategy that can include gaps in fences, unsecured doors, or inconsistent procedures.

Define Ways to Remediate Your Risks

CISO Global Red Team reporting includes not only an explanation of the access point uncovered by our team, but ways to address identified security gaps to improve your security posture going forward.

Lost or stolen devices such as laptops is a security risk every organization must addressed. How well do your teams keep their desktop or laptop computers locked down? Are there tablets, laptops, or other devices that can be accessed or lifted when they are not watching? Especially in highly regulated environments, like doctor’s offices or hospitals, emergencies happen often that cause a degree of chaos in the immediate surroundings. In this kind of environment, it can be easy for a visitor to walk through and pick up a device. It happens more often than one might think, and not only are those assets expensive, but they could lead to exposure of sensitive data or access to other systems.

We implement security controls to protect our work spaces, but what happens when someone knocks on a door? Are they allowed in? What about ways to remove a locked door from its hinges or pick up a loose badge? If you have physical systems in the field, how easily can an attacker walk up and tap into them?

Probably the most effective form of physical access occurs in the form of social engineering. Talking someone at a desk into opening a door, or letting someone into an unauthorized area, can be surprisingly easy in even the most controlled environments. Find out how effective your security awareness training truly is when challenged.

Benefits of Using CISO Global for Your Next Penetration Test

Using a risk-based approach, CISO Global’s Penetration Tests provide an organization with a broad look at its most critical vulnerabilities and attack vectors. CISO Global’s expert team of penetration testers review multiple vulnerability data sources and evaluate each issue in terms of real-world usage in successful attacks from malicious threat actors. This approach extends beyond traditional vulnerability scoring methodologies such as CVSS and criticality scores to provide a more actionable plan to addresses real risks. Factors included in this analysis include age of vulnerability, known or suspected exploit code availability, attacker tactics and techniques, and real-world difficulty of exploitation. This process allows an organization to focus on its’s most critical targeted vulnerabilities. Correcting the identified issues will ensure many of the known attacker tactics are patched before the organization experiences an attack.

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