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Information Security Policy & Procedure

Building Your Security Program

When it comes to building your security program, one of the more daunting tasks organizations face is creating information security policies and procedures that are aligned to a standard or compliance framework.

Whether you want to follow NIST 800 best practices or meet HIPAA compliance, maintaining policies and procedures that are not only aligned to relevant standards, but are also specific to your organization, is among the most important tenets of your program. Yet, many people tend to put it off, because it is not as simple or exciting as buying a new tool.

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Policy and Procedure Is More Exciting Than You Think

Not to worry. Our team lives and breathes policy and procedures. We find it highly relevant as professional cybersecurity consultants, because we have seen how powerful documentation can be once implemented and followed.

If policies and procedures are never documented, however, not only could you risk being out of compliance, but there is no standard to come back to when you feel a procedure or policy has been violated. Further, in the event of legal conflict around broken policies, it can be challenging to establish a defensible position without proper documentation.

As a quick fix, some young companies choose to simply download what are called “canned policies”. In the short term, this will give you something – which may very well be better than nothing. However, canned policies run the risk of A) not being fully applicable to your context and B) not supporting your legal position the way you need them to in the event of an internal compliance violation.

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