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Ransomware Prevention for Healthcare

Ransomware Prevention for Healthcare

Cyber threats against healthcare organizations are increasing.

Further, cyber attackers have shifted their strategies to longer, more targeted attacks that yield greater financial returns, and healthcare organizations remain their number one target. Whether exploiting third party, supply chain vulnerabilities, or combining ransomware and spear phishing, bad actors will stop at nothing to exfiltrate sensitive data, delete backups, and block access to vital systems for the right payout.

Protecting yourself from costly cyber attacks that can include ransomware, data breaches, compliance violations, extortion, and expensive recovery projects means identifying and shoring up gaps before threat actors find them.

CISO Global Healthcare Security Stack Gives You the Ability to:

  • Support remote workers securely
  • Monitor endpoints around-the-clock for security threats
  • Enable security professionals to respond in minutes (not days) when threats arise
  • Leverage a pool of IT, security & compliance experts without hiring new teams
  • Protect ROI on digital transformation investments
  • Reduce your risk of data theft

As IT professionals we are always monitoring for the next threat and how to defend against it. MDR is the best way to defend your infrastructure. Our switch from antivirus to MDR was quick and easy due to the experts at CISO Global.

—Joshua Haney, IT Manager, Diagnostic Centers of America

The XDR Extended Detection & Response Solution unifies prevention, detection, and response in a seamless service-technology offering across all your security tools, SaaS and PaaS platforms, and more. Eliminating data and operational security silos, powered by our own 24/7/365, Security Operations Center (SOC). CISO Global certified analysts direct a powerful enterprise tool stack that incorporates static AI, machine learning, automation, and integrations to speed up response processes. XDR provides prevention and detection across all major vectors, rapid elimination of threats with fully automated, policy-driven response capabilities, and complete visibility into the endpoint environment with full-context, real-time forensics.

No matter how secure we believe our environments are, attackers tend to find their way in. With CISO Global’s Purple Team Penetration Tests, our Red Team testers will work through a penetration test hand-in-hand with your Blue (internal IT) Team. That way, your internal experts don’t have to wait for the report to find and remediate vulnerabilities.

Every environment has them. Just make sure you are proactive in finding (and fixing) them before attackers do.

Systems That Typically Go Under the Radar

Attackers count on you to be too busy to investigate every alert, in every platform, every day. However, these alerts give context when you are experiencing broader, more layered and targeted attacks. No longer are we dealing with a simple ransomware instance or brute force attack, as before. To protect yourself against constantly evolving attack strategies, you need certified security experts who can immediately identify anomalous behaviors, such as someone navigating laterally through your environment, adding or deleting accounts, changing configurations, or even using known-good tools to leverage malicious attacks (keeping them under most security radars). If you want to truly stop attacks, you need experts to actively threat hunt around the clock, 365 days per year.

XDR incorporates MDR, SIEM, visualization, automation, AI, and more, including but not limited to:

  • Microsoft 365 Account Monitoring & Response
  • Active Directory Monitoring & Response
  • DNS & DNS Configuration Monitoring & Response
  • Firewall Security Alert Monitoring & Response
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Service Overview

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