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Security chiefs fear ‘CISO scapegoating’ following Uber-Sullivan verdict

October 7, 2022

Chris Clements, VP of Solutions Architecture at Cerberus Sentinel, comments on wide-ranging consequences of the Uber-Sullivan verdict at The Record.

Uber-Sullivan verdict featured image

“If CISOs believe that the organization isn’t giving them the support and resources they need to be successful, they need to be very vocal about it by documenting as much as possible. If it’s a situation that doesn’t improve, they are much more likely to look for a role elsewhere with less risk. It will also reinforce their need to be honest with investigators, and honesty that might keep them out of legal trouble but introduce professional consequences. It’s important to acknowledge that whatever the cause and associated impact of the breach, the punishment of the CISO was for lying to regulators during the ensuing investigation. If they had been open and honest about the situation, it’s almost certain this wouldn’t have been the outcome.”

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