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Cybersecurity Is A Culture, Not A Product

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By: Christian Espinosa, Cerberus Cyber Sentinel Corporation (now CISO Global) – Cybersecurity Is A Culture, Not A Product.

Forbes Councils Member Forbes Technology Council, Cerberus (now CISO Global) Managing Director. Bestselling author of “The Smartest Person in the Room.” 24x Ironman. Taco Aficionado.

Christian Espinosa explains what it means to have a culture of cybersecurity…

In my decades of cybersecurity and business leadership, I found several truths to be self-evident. When it comes to managing a successful business, a variety of stakeholders have certain expectations. Your customers expect you to deliver services while ensuring that their data remains secure. Your employees expect strong leadership and guidance, especially during challenging times, such as the pandemic. Regulatory bodies expect you to comply with a host of data security regulations. All the while, invested stakeholders expect you to deliver business continuity and consistent revenue.

With so many expectations and external pressures, many decision-makers lose sight of their identity and culture.

In my experience, successful business leaders are the first to admit that meaningful change must come from the top. To be successful, a company should have a strong and unique sense of culture. The kind of culture that I’m referring to manifests in many ways and goes above and beyond Taco Tuesdays or Flip-Flop Fridays. Leaders in every facet of the business must encourage a collaborative culture in order for it to flourish.

Cultivating a collaborative culture within your enterprise will not only result in better business continuity but a heightened cybersecurity posture that can often be a competitive differential. Indeed, a successful cybersecurity posture echoes business development and maturity — and without the right mindset and culture, growth will simply not be achieved.

Creating A Culture of Collaboration

Creating a culture of knowledge and learning is as good for businesses as it is for their employees. When cybersecurity is concerned, an appropriate security mindset can be a business differentiator.

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