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Cyberwarfare: How the U.S. Can Confront This New Reality

Cyberwarfare: How the U.S. Can Confront This New Reality Image

By Baan Alsinawi

Baan Alsinawi, Managing Director at Cerberus Sentinel (now CISO Global), explains what the US can do to prepare for cyberwarefare

Cyberwarfare is the new frontier of international conflict. As a phenomenon, it is no more clearly defined than by the rising tensions between Iran and the US. In response to a rising number of attacks on federal workers by government-backed Iranian hackers, President Trump eliminated the Obama-era law against cyberwarfare to endow US federal security officials with the power to use computers as offensive weapons. While retaliation might seem a natural reaction to protecting federal agencies and America’s enterprises and organizations, this policy change could prove to be the ignition that lights the blue touch paper, causing a fire the US might not be capable of extinguishing.

If retaliation and antagonism aren’t the answer in this new age of diplomacy, it’s important to understand why this is the case and determine how else governments should approach it.

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