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Infostealer Malware Targets Facebook Business Accounts to Capture Sensitive Data

July 27, 2022

Chris Clements, VP of Solutions Architecture at Cerberus Sentinel, comments on malware recently targeting Facebook business account users at TechRepublic and Forbes.

malware targeting Facebook image from tech republic

“As businesses become more aware and resilient to traditional ransomware attacks, cybercriminals will look for new ways to convert successful cyberattacks into ill-gotten financial gains.”

“Historically we’ve seen similar attacks on social media accounts such as the Twitter hack in July 2020…but the directed approach of targeting Facebook business accounts is a new and interesting angle. Contrasting with prior social media hijacking that makes itself obvious very quickly by posting links to scams or malware, this campaign is stealthier, looking to modify ad spends or introduce ad fraud.”

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malware targeting Facebook Forbes image

“Often, social media accounts are managed by PR or marketing teams with no input or oversight from the cybersecurity teams to ensure that best practices for those accounts include strong passwords, multifactor authentication, and real-time monitoring capabilities to detect potential compromise.”

“Still, it’s important for businesses to understand that the risk from this latest threat goes beyond just social media accounts like Facebook. The Ducktail malware steals more info from its victims than just Facebook access that could be used to launch further attacks directed at both the person and business.”

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