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Experts Weigh In On Twitter Whistleblower’s Disclosure

August 23, 2022

Chris Clements, VP of Solutions Architecture at Cerberus Sentinel, comments on the Twitter whistleblower’s claims of negligent cybersecurity policies at Forbes, CyberWire, and Security Magazine.

Twitter whistleblower featured image Forbes

“This is one of those situations where the reputation of the whistleblower itself immediately lends legitimacy to the allegations. On those grounds alone I believe this report deserves serious attention. It’s easy to think of social media networks like Twitter as trivial, but the reality is that the size of the platform and it’s near-instantaneous communication speed make them a major influence on society.”

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“Any vulnerabilities that could allow malicious actors to abuse those platforms introduce risk of sowing discord and conflict, but also be great sources of intel for espionage operations by intelligence agencies. Still, it’s vital to independently validate the scale and impact of the claims to fully understand the situation and it’s also important to understand that in any large organizations there are almost assuredly areas of cybersecurity gaps and risks that are monumentally challenging to completely eliminate. “

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“Effective defenses in today’s world require adopting a true culture of cybersecurity that begins at the very highest levels of organizations. Statements reportedly made by former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey in the past around cybersecurity are concerning and could explain the cause of some of the allegations that have come to light.”

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