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Uber Breach and LAPSUS$ Hacking Group

September 20, 2022

Chris Clements, VP of Solutions Architecture at Cerberus Sentinel, comments on the Uber blaming LAPSUS$ hacking group for security breach and at The Hacker News, CyberWire, and Cyber Security News.

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“To prevent similar attacks, organizations should move to more secure versions of MFA approval such as number matching that minimize the risk of a user blindly approving an authentication verification prompt.”

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Uber Breach LAPSUS$ cyberwire image

“Many cybercriminals now route their victims through transparent proxies capable of intercepting communications that would otherwise be encrypted and capture either the correct MFA code or simply copying the session key created by the successful authentication. Strong authentication controls are critical for mitigating attacks that give cybercriminals initial access to an organization but should be one of many in-depth defensive controls to prevent compromise.”

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“The actuality is that if an attacker only wants to compromise a single user to bring about considerable problems, quicker or later on you are likely to have considerable injury.”

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